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Megan is a young, single mother of two young girls. She was estranged from the father of her children after the birth of their youngest daughter.

Megan had recently started dating and had only been in her new relationship for four months before it became abusive and the incidents of violence escalated. Megan decided she was going to end the relationship because she did not want her daughters growing up in an abusive home, like the one she ran away from at age 15.

When she told her boyfriend, things were not working out and she was ending the relationship, he accused her of cheating on him. He grabbed her by the arm, took her cell phone and threw it across the room. He then pinned Megan to the wall and told her if she left him, he would find her and “leave those little girls without a mommy”. He broke two of her ribs and left her with a black eye and bruises on her arms and legs. Megan waited until the next morning before going to the hospital to get treatment for her injuries. She knew she had to leave him and protect her daughters.

The police met with her at the hospital and she was referred to Shelter From The Storm for shelter, and counseling services. Megan entered our shelter and received supportive services from our other programs. She exited the shelter after 60-days and moved into her own apartment with her two daughters. Megan was grateful for the support she received while in the shelter. She has since been able to find full-time employment, and reliable, safe child-care for her girls.